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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> and first the clouds, tomorrow we get the rain. and how. we'll have the forecast of a very wet week ahead. elizabeth has traffic. >> we'll get to liz in just a momentful good morning, it's tuesday, november 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. let's get to elizabeth. we have been following a standoff since 11:00 last night. >> reporter: police standoff, it started around 11:00 last night on treasure island is over. the armed robbery suspect is dead. we have confirmed that. so they are in the process now of re-opening those off-ramps to treasure island. just a couple of minutes ago, in fact, they opened the eastbound off-ramp to treasure island. they should be re-opening the westbound on the upper deck access any moment now. in the meantime they turned on the metering lights early a good, gosh, 20 to 25 minutes earlier than typical so that's why you see these early- morning backups already behind the pay gates. earlier when treasure island
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was completely closed off to the public, never really impacted the morning drive on the upper deck and now we're just beginning to see slowing up that incline towards treasure island so again the latest information as of a couple of minutes ago is they are in the process of re- opening those off-ramps to treasure island so you can access treasure island. they just did it on the lower deck and about to do it on the upper deck, as well. the only delay we are seeing now is behind the pay gates because they turned the metering lights on at 5:52. here's a live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. so far, so good this morning heading towards doyle drive coming into san francisco. westbound 4 a few brake lights through antioch. bart trains are all on time. back to you guys. >> thank you. developing news this morning. a standoff that lasted all night is finally over on treasure island. >> san francisco police chased the man from the city to the island late last night. this started about 11:00 last night. that man got out of his car as you can see in this exclusive
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video. he held a gun to his head as police watched. and they did keep an eye on him all night. they actually as elizabeth said kept the connector ramps from the bay bridge to the island closed. then about 5:00 this morning which was just about an hour ago, police say they heard a single shot. then they found the man had shot himself to death. the suspect is 29-year-old duncan philips wanted for a robbery last week in the city of benicia and this they chased him from san francisco to treasure island. 6.5-hour standoff, the suspect duncan philips dead from a single gunshot wound. developing news in milpitas. a search is ongoing for a man who reportedly exchanged some gunfire with officers there and cbs 5 reporter cate
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caugiran is at the scene with more. >> reporter: the streets are still shut down jacklin road between campbell street and arizona avenue. still shut down. police are still on scene. we have a couple of fire trucks in the area. we have seen police still walking around gathering evidence or a few evidence markers still here at the intersection of jacklin road and escuela parkway. we have video from the scene earlier. chp confirmed that shots were fired in milpitas and now police are on the lookout for a suspect. what's unconfirmed is that milpitas police tried to pull over a man in a tan honda and he took off. we don't know if there was a chase involved but we heard that reports of shots fired were in the area but we don't know who was hit or if anyone
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was injured. they have set up a perimeter. roads are shut down. no word when they will reopen. jacklin road between campbell and arizona. a milpitas public information officer is en route to give us more concrete information on what happened. we'll have the latest coming up. live in milpitas, cate caugiran, cbs 5. thank you. okay. well, the animals are lining up two by two here in the bay area because the rain is coming. today is okay. time it break out the arc as you point out. >> we are going to get significant rain this week. tomorrow you'll think what's the shouting about? we get rain on wednesday through saturday. so things are going to get wet. the seven-day forecast just looks like it's soaked all the
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way through and that's how it will feel. right now 47 degrees at concord, 54 oakland, livermore 46. san francisco at 52 degrees. and we have less fog than yesterday. napa is reporting fog so here and there. but as the high pressure leaves and the low pressure enters, that low pressure means all that pressure is lifted off of the lower atmosphere so the fog rises and we have mostly cloudy skies. 50-mile-an-hour gusts are possible. we have wind advisories for the rest of the bay area tonight, especially the east bay hills, altamont pass. it's going to be a windy ride to work tomorrow. so to sum it up, increasing clouds, winds pick up and rain spreads south beginning tomorrow. today we simply pick up the cloudiness. we'll see the sun once in a while. it will be the last time until monday that we get a good look at it. low pressure the cold front in
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all of this. we'll get some good rain from this and then a series of storms from the north leads to rain on thursday through saturday. first clouds, then rain, then wind. temperatures in san francisco, 62 livermore 64 degrees. michelle, frank, bring your umbrella tomorrow. >> good idea. maybe a boat. thank you, brian. 6:06. redwood city police are asking to hear from witnesses to a fatal bicycle accident. a 14-year-old girl collided with a vehicle at 8:30 yesterday morning. she died after being rushed to the hospital after an accident at jefferson avenue. the driver is cooperating with the police. a lawsuit over the death of a 9-year-old novato girl is settled. the family will receive $675,000 from the city of novato. the city will also build a memorial for the girl who was
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killed by a drunken motorcyclist back in 2009. the motorcyclist was sentenced to prison and killed by a fellow inmate at san quentin towards san jose is asking the public for help in choosing the city's next police chief. the city is holding public hearings to talk about a replacement for chris moore who will retire at the end of january. moore has been chief for only two years. the head of the police union says his successor will have issues to deal with. >> our police department is falling apart. we have more people leaving. we had another two going to los gatos. on top of three that just went to redwood city and on top of another three or four who went to santa cruz. >> fresno police chief jerry dyer and sacramento chief rick brazil are two of the people mentioned as possible candidates. other bay area headlines, two would-be robbers had a surprise when they went into a jewelry store in east san jose and started shooting. the woman behind the counter though had a gun and she fired back. no one was hit by any of the
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gunfire. but the two suspects ran out without any stolen jewelry. a cooler. >> reporter: led to a hazardous materials incident at a gym in san jose's evergreen area. about 150 people were evacuated from the silver creek sportsplex after some complained of shortness of breath at 7:30 last night. the fire department says it was caused by someone putting too much aromatic oil on rocks in a steam room. a san francisco sheriff's deputy pled not guilty to bank robbery charges. prosecutors say fingerprints and surveillance video linked philip chung tong to a holdup at a san francisco bank of america earlier this month. he is free on bail and suspended without pay. court records show he filed for bankruptcy in july. new this tuesday morning, an arm of a burning crane collapsed today in australia. witnesses in sydney saw the crane burning and swaying shortly before the arm
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collapsed. hundreds of people were evacuated from a college campus and nearby office buildings. it's not clear how that fire started. crane is owned by the same company that had a crane collapse in new york during hurricane sandy. more violent protests today in egypt aimed at president mohamed morsi. his opponents demand he drop at a decree that he had put out last week that suspends any legal decisions he makes until a new constitution is written. police are fire tear gas at protestors. susan rice will hold meetings with key lawmakers. some republicans have criticized theambassador to the u.n. for comments she made about the attack on benghazi. she said the attack stemmed from a protest against a video. >> i will be glad to meet with her and listen to the to her positions
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and justification for her comments. but i'm unhappy with her performance. >> rice is a potential nominee to replace outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton. more republicans say the looming "fiscal cliff" is forcing them to reconsider their no tax increase pledges. several members of congress now say they are open to raising revenue by limiting deductions for the wealthy. but not by raising their taxes. >> without compromising our principals, we recognize that none of us runs this town. >> today democratic senator dick durbin plans to lay out a proposal for a bipartisan group, the gang of 8, who have been working for a plan to reduce the national debt. if lawmakers don't pass a plan by december 31, tax hikes and budget cuts will kick in. running the risk of autism.
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the link between pollution and pregnancy. >> plus some of the best child athletes in the country. the bay area kids who have a chance at the ultimate prize. >> but first, stranded at sea. how two men found themselves like this in a dangerous rescue after the break. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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this was the only scene he was hanging on to. he probably weighed 220 pounds. unfortunately he was unable to get to his life jacket when the vessel capsized. >> incredible video out of south florida after rescuers are able to locate a man stranded at sea after his 12- foot fishing boat sank. the man's brother was also on the boat. that sank in miami. they are expected to be okay. >> the cooler came in handy. in breaking news overnight, the police standoff that kept treasure island closed to the public is now reopened. the standoff is over, the suspect is dead and those off- ramps to eastbound and westbound interstate 80 to treasure island everything is back open back normal.
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unfortunately, they turned the metering lights on a little early. so we got some good sized backups for 6:15 this morning. so they extend beyond looks like the 880 overcrossing. let's go to our maps show you what else is going on. once again, those off-ramps to treasure island are re-opening and i just heard from our radio partners kcbs that it sounds like muni will be shuttling people who weren't able to get home from the transbay terminal. that bus may be shuttling them home now. that's back to normal. what's still an issue is police activity. a stretch of jacklin road south of milpitas high remains shut down. this is the area right there between arizona avenue and campbell. avoid that area. the main lines of the freeway through milpitas, 880/237, this is a live look. and you can see there is no delay at all. the silicon valley commute is a good one all along westbound 237 from 880 towards zanker road. checking other bridges, you will notice the fog is not as
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much of an issue this morning as yesterday. no big delays towards doyle drive. east bay in the clear. westbound 580 is the only one really showing any major brake lights right now and it's through livermore towards the dublin interchange. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." i know brian has been busy monitoring some pretty good sized changes coming up in weather. >> well, yeah. as elizabeth pointed out we have much less fog this morning than yesterday morning so as dinah washington once sang, what a difference a day makes. wet through the weekend. today is a transition day. now concord has 47 degrees. oakland at 54. there's widespread but not as dense fog this morning. san jose is at 49 at moffett
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naval air station. some light fog out there. a little bit of fog is expected, cloudy skies and temperatures mostly from the mid-40s to the mid-50s. winds will begin to pick up tonight and clouds will overspread the bay area. storms will lead to rain late tonight in the north bay and get here in time for the morning commute tomorrow. you will see this in a minute. as we roll the clock ahead this is a modal of what will happen. today clouds, sunset. watch what happens. midnight tonight, rain begins to appear and 24 hours from now this is what lawrence will be looking at tomorrow morning, rain over the bay area at 6:00. that's the signature note of the system right after another after another. so if we add up the rainfall
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projected for wednesday, it just gets the ground saturated and gets things ready for potential flooding on thursday through saturday. we'll see. in the meantime, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the low 60s. wet wednesday through saturday. winds up to 50 miles an hour in the passes. we will finally get a break on monday. boy, stay tuned! >> thank you. 6:18. new york governor cuomo says his state will need $42 billion to recover from superstorm sandy. that's $32 billion for damages. another $10billion to prepare for future storms. in new jersey, preliminary damages are $29 billion bringing the total cost of the storm for the east coast to more than $62 billion. in comparison. hurricane katrina cost $108 billion in damage along the gulf coast. still very tough. new jersey governor chris christie has made it official, he is running for re-election. the republican governor filed
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the necessary documents that will allow him to set up a campaign, raise re-election funds and hire a staff. his approval rating among registered voters at 77%, a 21- point spike since late october much of that credited to his handling of superstorm sandy. several bay area district attorney's have reached a settlement with a weight loss company that promotes a diet. sensa products and its parent company will pay more than $900,000 to settle a false advertising lawsuit. prosecutors say sensa claimed its diet was clinically proven to work. sensa admitted no fault and stands behind its products. experts at usc already concluded that kids who live near freeways are at high risk for autism. now there are findings that pollution raises the risk of autism. studies by usc found that pregnant women in highly polluted areas doubled the chances of their children being autistic. >> in he remembers itly.
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ing air pollution sposh -- in terms of limiting air pollution exposure, it's difficult because we are in the early extent of the studies. a group of young oakland athletes is headed to a championship tournament of the east bay warriors are undefeated this year so now they are head offing to the national pop warner championships in florida. and by definition, they are some of the best child football players in the entire country. >> this whole year we only got scored on one time. >> when it gets to game time, we're ready and focused. >> this is the top of the echelon. this is where the rubber meets the road, they are saying. >> great kids. their discipline spends off the field, too. most of the players have a grade point average better than 3.5. these kids in the next few weeks will be off to florida for the game. their lives. >> they are athletic and smar. could san jose state pull off an upset in college hoops? >> plus the 9ers quarterback
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controversy not going away. what the coach will and won't say after the break. ,,,,,,
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i hope we have communicated the fact to you that it's going to get wet later in the week. we have done our job wet, windy, enough to bring down trees and power lines and power outages and stuff like that, that's tomorrow. in the meantime, have a nice day. [ laughter ] >> all right. they are letting folks back in all ramps to treasure island reopened after a six-hour police standoff. traffic is still heavy if you are going on the upper deck heading into san francisco this morning. the metering lights are on. we'll have the latest on this
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in a live report coming up. here's the question. alex smith or colin kaepernick? jim harbaugh won't say who will start this weekend against the st. louis rams. despite kaepernick beating two of the nfc's best teams back to back, harbaugh says smith is still the team's starting quarterback and says frankly, he is sick of the controversy. >> so-called subject matter experts that talk about, well, uhm, he should be making a fuss about it, or a stink about it, you know, it's about the team and it's about us all working together. >> there you go. an announcement is expected sometime tomorrow. we're sure about one thing, though. wide receiver kyle williams is out for the season. he tore his acl in the game this past weekend. how about some college basketball? >> how about it? >> san jose state on the road against one of the top programs in the country. the 10th ranked kansas jayhawks, james kenny has a three-pointer here. put the spartans within 7
6:26 am
points with less than 3 minutes left in the game. they had a shot. kansas runs a way. the spartans lost. play of the day from the nba and the new arena in brooklyn with the knicks and nets and new york's carmelo anthony your favorite player. >> i know. >> has less than a second to shoot. two bounces, three bounces, and in she goes. a beautiful shot. a nice block, as well. brooklyn nets won the game over the next, 96-89. nice shot there. 6:26. coming up, questions about copyrights on facebook. the status update hoax that and all over the site. >> plus, some developing news out of the south bay. streets are closed as milpitas police search for a suspected gunman. we'll have the latest. >> and the armed suspect in a standoff on treasure island is dead. this after the island was shut down more than 6 hours overnight. i'll have the latest details. ,, ,,,,
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car chase has just ended on treasure island. >> a standoff between police and a gunman shuts down access to treasure island. >> a bay area man's under arrest after police tell us that he tried to hang his girlfriend from a backyard tree. >> the woman on the phone had her hands tied behind her back a noose around her neck and her ache gri boyfriend was coming back. >> he told her he was going to kill her and he was planning to hang her. >> a mellow monday night at the gym turned into some drama. somebody poured too much aromatic oil on the rocks in the steam room. >> we will be the bull's eye for a lot of tropical moisture. >> i was screaming, my child is being born, call 911! >> the baby was coming and there wasn't anytime to get to the hospital. >> guy got out of the car and he was yelling and screaming,
6:31 am
she's having the baby! >> obviously, i want to start. i think i should. but it's not my decision. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." ♪ [ music ] >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, tuesday is the day, november 27th. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. and we are following some developing news down in milpitas all morning long. a search is on now for a man who was in a shootout with police officers. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the scene along jacklin road where streets are still shut down. cate. >> reporter: frank, michelle, they have been shut down for quite some time now. we have been waiting for a public information officer to show up to give us more concrete details on exactly what's happening but we want to show you right now still a lot of police activity going on. earlier they were up in that fire truck taking pictures of the area but again, they are still collecting evidence.
6:32 am
you can see still evidence markers here at the intersection of jacqueline and escuela parkway. to give you more information on the roads that are still shut down that's jacklin road between arizona and campbell. those are still blocked. again, police are still here on scene. we are told a public information officer should be here -- actually he just arrived and is handing out information for us and i just got a new press release regarding this information here. milpitas police say they stopped a vehicle for a moving violation. officer exited the patrol car and the suspect exited his car and fired shots at the officer. the officer was able to return fire but then the suspect ran away from the scene and his vehicle or car is still missing. now, the officer was not shot. but he did suffer minor injuries during the incident. and the officer did not require medical attention. it's still unknown if the suspect was shot. now, officers and detectives say that the investigation is
6:33 am
ongoing. the public information officer just got here. we just got this information here. we are going to do an interview with him hopefully we can get more details. roads still blocked. police still in the area. we'll bring you more updates as we get them. live in milpitas, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> we will get back to you later in the show, too. 6:33 now. a standoff at treasure island is finally over. people living in the area were not able to get on or off the island for nearly 7 hours all morning all night long. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington in san francisco. she has the latest on what's been a long ordeal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the standoff is over. the suspect is dead and ramps to treasure island are in the process of being reopened. now, that suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this all started last night at around 11:00 when police attempted to pull him over in downtown san francisco. they say that he was driving a stolen car. he wouldn't stop and let officers on a chase over the bay bridge and was firing at
6:34 am
officers although none of them was hurt. he finally pulled over on the treasure island off-ramp. now, this shut down treasure island for more than 6 hours. people could not get on or off. that man brandished his weapon and then held it to his head. a crisis negotiation team tried to get him to surrender and during that standoff police used two flash-bangs. again nobody was allowed on or off the island so some of those residents were assisted by the red cross at the transbay bus terminal. police believe that this was their suspect 29-year-old duncan philips. philips is also a suspect in a robbery that happened in benicia on tuesday. so again the standoff is over. people can finally get back on and off of treasure island. and earlier this morning, when this was all happening, it did not affect traffic even though the off-ramps were closed. at this point as people are coming into the city it's getting more congested but again, everything is back open.
6:35 am
in san francisco, elissa harrington, cbs 5. it didn't affect traffic on the bay bridge but it did go in and out of treasure island. >> off-ramps are blocked as you said completely overnight for almost 7 hours so the only real lasting impact in all this is they had to turn on the metering lights at 5:52. that's a little bit earlier than usual. so that means the backups began a little earlier. so if it's stacking up to the macarthur maze at 6:35. once again, you can use the treasure island off-ramps back open back to normal and fortunately when the standoff was going on, it never really caused any major delay on the main lines of the freeway because they never had to shut anything down. it was only a few police cars there blocking the treasure island ramp.
6:36 am
just take a quick look, police activity that cate just mentioned the officer-involved shooting jacklin road closed between arizona and campbell. here's brian with the forecast. >> thank you. yesterday morning talking about the fog yesterday, today the potential for rain. we start off with widespread but generally light fog around the bay area today. and a lot of high clouds up top. the numbers now as we gaze toward the golden gate bridge, 47 degrees at concord, oakland 54, at the airport 52, santa rosa 52 degrees. and out the door had morning as a result, a little fog along the coast. gale warnings posted tonight and tomorrow, wind advisories in the bay area. it will get windy and wet and also going to be coming from
6:37 am
that. forecast highs today nice and mild, subtropical source. temperatures in the mid-60s today under mostly cloudy skies. it's in the extended forecast that we get rain on wednesday and then a stronger system on thursday, on friday, on saturday. so heavy rains, powerful winds will be with us right through saturday. frank, michelle? >> all right. thank you. an east bay man is charged with attempted murder for trying to hang his girlfriend from a tree in his backyard. this happened on sunday night. police tell us the woman's hands were tied behind her back and there was a noose around her neck. but police say when her boyfriend went inside to get a cigarette she got her cell phone out of her pocket and called 911. >> he was intent on killing her. >> yes. he told her he was going to hang her. >> 31-year-old daniel howard used her as a shield when police confronted him. they say he pushed her down and
6:38 am
took off running. the woman suffered minor injuries. suspect's family members says he may have been on drugs. a teen could be arraigned in adult court sometime today. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks robbed four businesses. they shot at police and killed a man during a carjacking attempt on november 16. and a simple mistake led to a hazmat emergency in a gym in san jose's evergreen area. about 150 people all evacuated from the silver creek sportsplex after somebody complained of shortness of breath about 7:30 last night. the fire department says it was caused by someone putting too much aromatic oil on rocks in the steam room at the gym. a holiday gift for oakland shoppers who get free saturday parking. the idea is to bolster business for local businesses. the offer runs through december 29 and applies to any metered space in city-owned garages on saturdays in the city of oakland. so nice gift. >> yeah.
6:39 am
it's a good deal. two city leaders who were assassinated 34 years ago will be remembered in san francisco. mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk were killed on this day in 1978. they were shot by former supervisor dan white. today there will be a ceremony on the steps of city hall featuring the san francisco gay men's chorus followed by a march in the castro district. the human rights campaign gives san francisco, san diego, long beach and los angeles perfect 100 scores on antidiscrimination efforts. other bay area cities didn't rate as high. vallejo supreme court 52 out of 100. concord 64. richard 66. santa rosa 59. 6:40. coming up, how not to get ripped off buying an hdtv online. >> brian cooley will join us plus where's the car? who is better at remembering where they parked, men or women? >> i'm going to say women but i don't know what the study says.
6:40 am
>> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. not too good. coming up we'll get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,,,,,,
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...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year.
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experience, but a number of people are making this big purchase online now. c-net's brian cooley is here with some tips on how to do it right. buying a tv used to be an in store experience but now people are buying them online. cnet editor-at-large brian cooley has tips on that. >> it's a daunting task. >> but you want to see it touch it feel it play with it... and if you buy it online you don't know what you get. >> here are the two ways people buy tvs. first they look at the picture like now. then they go around the side
6:44 am
and want to see how thin it is. >> you do the finger test. it's only half inch that's cool. so we buy them from two angles and you want to go to the store to see that. absolutely, i understand that. but -- this is not something retailers want to hear. people are showrooming. they are going to do their research online, we of course have a lot of reviews on tvs at cnet, any tv you're interested in. they go to the store, look at the picture, do i like it? then they will look at the case, see if it's thin after they see the reviews and then they buy it online, maybe even while standing in the store. retailers hate that. >> so they are using their smartphone. >> buying it on amazon. >> and getting information from the people there. >> sometimes you may buy it owe online store because you don't want to bring it home of the if you have to return it how do
6:45 am
you ship it back? some return policies are good. amazon and big stores are good about saying easy, go here, click this link, we'll generate a return label, stick it on and deduct it from your return. >> if you are getting shipped a 60" tv are you afraid it's going to come in a damaged package. not anymore. i have had a lot of tvs shipped to my office, my house, they always arrive in good shape. these had to get shipped from japan or china and they came in the same basic box so they got shipped around to the different stores even individually in those boxes. so those are shipping boxes. obviously damage is possible with anything you buy online but i wouldn't be concerned about it. those return policies are key to be aware of because in case you have to return it you may be able to return it in store if you buy it at check the total price. shipping and tax, don't be fooled by just the actual price. that's simple. but some folks forget it's the total price you care about and wherever you are at the store or online, they slip cables into your cart and you kind of
6:46 am
don't notice? uncheck those. check those. $30, $40. that's a ripoff for cables. should be about $8 for an hdmi cable. >> how big is your tv? >> i buy them when a find them cheap. mine are nonname brands. i don't have any big name brands. i buy them at office supply stores. great price especially at the holidays. >> from the pro. you can find more brian cooley's tech watch segments on thank you, brian. michelle? thank you. well, hewlett-packard shareholders taking company executives to federal court. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. you can see it's coming when hp announced its deal for its uk company was overpriced by $5 billion accusing the company of
6:47 am
cooking the books. hp investors are not happy. one company board member is filing a suit in federal court in san francisco saying the top executives in hp misled investors over that and one with electronic data systems in 2008 for $1.3 billion. housing market rebounding from the bottom. the index showing home prices in september in the bay area up .5% from august. and 7.5% higher from a year ago. those numbers outpaced the overall 20-city deposit. up 3% higher from a year earlier. initial reports on cyber monday strong. ibm says sales up 26% from a year ago and sales of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones up 10.2% in that amount of time. market though getting off to a rough start this morning. showing some improvement in the past few seconds though dow still down by 3, nasdaq is up
6:48 am
by 2. s&p moving higher by a fraction after its big day yesterday, facebook up 8% adding another 1.5% this morning. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell has more from new york. >> good morning. ahead we have billionaire warren buffett with his advice on what will half if we go over the cliff. oprah winfrey sits down for a long conversation with david letterman after refusing to talk to him for 16 years. and rick warren coming up. >> that letterman thing was done at ball state in indiana? >> it was. they were supposed to talk for an hour, instead they went an hour and 45 minutes. a really wide ranging conversation. >> i bet that's great stuff. >> should be interesting.
6:49 am
thank you. remember, "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. we have been hearing the weather word all morning long and it does not look good. a lot of water coming our way. >> there really is. it's the biggest most extended rain that we have had in a long time in the bay area. it doesn't begin today but when it starts tomorrow, man, you will know it. out the door, we have some widespread fog but not as dense as yesterday. mostly cloudy skies for the bay for the remainder of your tuesday, we can seat bay bridge today but in the weather headlines we'll increase the clouds, winds pick up, rain spreads south starting tomorrow probably right in the middle of the morning commute. elizabeth and lawrence will have their hands busy tomorrow. tomorrow low pressure. that's the culprit bringing subtropical moisture in tomorrow and winds in the passes. you have the combination of rain and wind that will be with us for a while. you can see what's going to happen on the futurecast on the
6:50 am
time lapse here. we get clouds today, tonight we have the clouds break up. this is about midnight here. look what happens left hand part of your screen, bang, tomorrow at this time we have the first wave of rain that goes through right on its heels, another wave right up here. so it's just going to come down tomorrow. the accumulation from this is not as much as thursday and friday. so wednesday simply sets the stage. and then we really open the curtain on the performance starting on thursday and friday. forecast for today, mostly cloudy skies, 63 vallejo, 62 san francisco. clouds today, rain tomorrow. winds up to 40 miles an hour over the bay area higher gusts in the mountains. and as we look ahead, it will stay wet right through sunday. there's weather. for traffic, here's elizabeth. >> we start off with bart delays we are just hearing about. on the richmond line a medical emergency on the tracks. right now there's delays
6:51 am
richmond to el cerrito. all other bart lines, ace, muni, caltrain, ferries are on time. the lines impacted the red and orange richmond to el cerrito there are delays due to an earlier medical emergency. elsewhere a couple of other problems on the roads. southbound 680 approaching treat boulevard in walnut creek, there is an accident cleared to the right-hand shoulder but it is slow and go through the area. also, an earlier police stand offis now over. all the off-ramps to treasure island are now back open. you can see access treasure island but this is a pretty intense overnight nearly 7 howe standoff. the turned on the metering lights early. so there is a bigger-than-usual backup at the bay bridge. jammed solid up to the incline. that's traffic. back to you guys. the shuttle program is retired but the u.s. continues to make history in space travel. captain scott kelly will be on the international space station
6:52 am
for a year. that would be the longest mission ever for a united states astronaut. the current record is 215 days. he is expected to go to space in 2015. his twin brother retired shuttle commander mark kelly brother-in-law of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. michelle, don't take this personally. i know you won't. >> let's hear it. >> apparently i can find a parked car faster than you. a study looked at hundreds of shoppers searching for cars at a crowded shopping center. men were more successful in finding cars first because women look for landmarks associated with the cars. guys actually calculate the number of feet to the home depot. >> i like to find out who these researchers are. >> i bet you would. >> i would. >> i think they're all guys. >> time now 6:53. one last look at your weather and that big storm headed our way. that's coming up. >> and a special delivery. she just couldn't wait. meet the little girl who made a big entrance at a bart station coming your way. ,,,,
6:53 am
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night police standoff. a man who led police on a chase francisco got treasure island off-ramps are open again after an all- night police standoff. a man who led police on a chase from downtown san francisco got to the bay bridge at treasure island around 11 p.m. he held officers at bay until officers heard a shot about two hours ago. he was found dead near the shoreline. he is a suspect in a carjacking in benicia last week. police in milpitas are searching for a man who shot at officers around 2 a.m. this morning. they were pulling over a honda when a man got out and started shooting. the officer returned fire. he has some minor injuries.
6:57 am
suspect did get away, condition unknown. jacklin road is closed between arizona and campbell streets as they continue to search for the gunman there. 6:57. let's get one last check on weather. you are not giving us good news today. >> you are the grim reaper. >> don't kill the messenger. this is how it's going to look tomorrow morning at this time. so you will have your hands full as a front moves into the bay area. today okay, mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the low to mid- 60s. it's in the extended forecast that we increased clouds and get wet wednesday. then a more powerful storm thursday, friday and saturday. sunday we get more rain but i do have some good news. some very good news. >> all right. >> did you save money on your car insurance? [ laughter ] >> more on that tomorrowlaugh [ laughter ] here's a live look outside. we are just now starting to see brake lights on westbound 237 for the silicon valley commute.
6:58 am
bart is experiencing delays on the richmond line toward millbrae. earlier medical emergencies all other bart lines are on time and a quick look at the bay bridge. we just heard frank and michelle mention the treasure island off-ramps are reopened. the bay bridge, treasure island off-ramps are reopened. it's stacked up to the maze and busy at the tunnel. >> a dramatic birth of a baby at a bart station in the east bay and a good story. jasmine osborne's contractions were five minutes apart just before 6:00 yesterday morning. husband jumped into the car, was driving her to alta bates in berkeley but jasmine's water broke in the front seat of the car. they sped off the freeway, pulled up to the pittsburg bart station in front of commuter. >> the guy got out of the car and was yelling, she is having the baby, she is having the baby. >> i was screaming my child being born, call 911. >> actually hit the floor a little bit because i was backwards like i was in so much
6:59 am
pain like she just -- i pushed her out. >> she sure did. jasmine wrapped her third child in a coat from a taxi driver who was nearby. the family ended up spending the night at kaiser hospital in antioch. as you can see, the baby is healthy and they could all go home tomorrow. >> she is so cute. the mother had no meds. she was in the car not knowing what was going on. >> when they want to come out, i guess they have a mind of their own. >> they do. great story. [ laughter ] thanks for watching "eyewitness news this morning." remember, your next local update is 7:25. "cbs this morning" is next. captions by: caption colorado


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